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This is posthumous (Peter died one month and two days after his 49th birthday) so it is sad. As I putter and ponder, momentary emptiness flashes over me, “Oh! If only Peter was still here to decide.”

Peter was the first-born of my dear sister Jacqueline. He was born June 29, 1955 in the same hospital in which his mother had been born 25 years earlier — Parsons Hospital, Flushing (Queens), New York. For his first year and one month, Peter with his Mom and Dad lived in the second-floor apartment of his grandparent's three-family house in Beechurst (Queens). That was great for me because I still resided with the folks on the first floor.

But in August 1956, he was whisked off to Brentwood, California when his Daddy was appointed a professor at UCLA. That's where his two sisters were born (Deirdre in October 1958, Heidi March 1960). In 1961, the family moved on to Austin, Texas when Big Daddy became a professor at the University of Texas.

It was in Austin, Texas, USA that Peter lived out his life. It was where he was married three times and where his two sons were born (Travis Marsh Latimer in September 1983 and Adam Galen Auxier in September 1997).

For one reason or another (mostly the distance between New York and Texas), I did not get to share much of Peter's life. It is for this reason that I am so grateful for the comments his friends added to the online Guest Book in his memory. In gratitude, those comments have been copied here under obits.htm.

It is hoped that someone (or several ones) can help put together more comprehensive bio bits and pieces. It is also hoped we can include a guest book of sorts herein.

At the moment, we're fiddling with basics like: Should we do straight old HTML (or DHTML with JavaScript)? Shall we reach for XHTML (going towards yet-to-be-realized XML)? Should we use Flash to display some of Peter's artwork? What artwork should be used?

When Peter sent samples of his artwork circa 2001, I uploaded his work to a URL later transferred to a demo site at and when he died experimented with another demo site at I had dreamed of doing Web work with Peter but couldn't get him into HTML coding. A site he had set up was at shoebox.msnw?albumlist=2 — which is no longer active as of February 2005. Thus, we will now try to preserve here some of his artwork that he had displayed at MSN.

Please be kind and bear with us (and send us your comments and ideas) as we experiment herein.

Thank you,